Home Sweet Home with Mainstream Fiction Author Lisa Lipkind Leibow


Lisa Lipkind LeibowLisa Lipkind Leibow
Double Out And Back
Mainstream Fiction
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Born and raised in Leominster, Massachusetts, Lisa had a flare for drama. As a child, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she answered on any given day anything from airplane pilot to zookeeper. She left her home town in 1984 to attend George Washington University in Washington, DC. She studied radio-television communications where she loved writing, directing, and performing, as well as public policy and regulation of mass media and telecommunications. After college she sought a “practical” career by going to law school.

Prior to pursuing the literary dream of novel writing, Lisa practiced law for over a decade, drafting legal briefs and memoranda much like the young attorney in her debut novel. This professional environment was the inspiration for the characters and settings in Double Out and Back.

After being stuck at her office on 9/11, a month-long siege on metro Washington, DC by a sniper, and discovering that the other parents at her twins’ preschool thought her au pair was her sons’ mom, Lisa could hear these words echoing in her ears. “If I knew this was what it was going to be like to have it all, I would have settled for less.” (Lily Tomlin: The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe)

Lisa didn’t really settle for less. She settled for different, and traded the billable hour lifestyle for fiction writing. Making up stories is much more fun than negotiating contracts, attending hearings, and deciphering statutes and regulations for clients. More than that, it has given her an excuse to pretend to be anyone from airplane pilot to zookeeper!


1. Where do you live (city, country)? I live in Vienna, Virginia.

2. What is the weather like? We have four seasons. The winter weather doesn’t last too long though.

3. Have you lived there very long? I have lived in Vienna for thirteen years.

4. Would you rather live somewhere else? I am happy to live in the DC Metropolitan area. I love the diversity. It is as close to the ideal I dreamed of when I thought about where I wanted to raise my family.

5. Are you married or single? I am happily married to a wonderful guy.

6. Do you have kids? Put it this way: My license plate reads 4MY3SNS. Note: “SNS” stands for SONS not SINS.

7. Where were you born? I was born in the same town that Johnny Appleseed was born, Leominster, Massachusetts.

8. What was your childhood like?
My childhood was very boring from a literary perspective. Although, I had a very vivid imagination and I talked way too much. My mother once told me the doctor vaccinated me with a phonograph needle. This upset me, as I worried I would never be able to stop talking.

9. What was it like growing up as a teen? What did you do for fun? I enjoyed my teenage years. As for what I did for fun, here’s the G-rated version: I spent most of my winters skiing and my summers as a camp counselor on a pond.

10. Back to the present, what’s your favorite room in your house? I love the family room we added to our house in a renovation. It has red walls, and a comfy leather couch. It’s a great place to curl up with a book, my computer, a good movie, and my husband.

11. Do you have an outside job? I’m a recovering attorney. So, now I only have two, full-time jobs, writing fiction and raising my children.

12. What’s your most favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Fresh berries with yogurt, a chocolate croissant, and a cup of good, strong coffee. I don’t indulge in the croissant too often, though, because they make my clothes shrink. It’s the strangest phenomenon!

13. Do you have any pets? Yes. A clumber spaniel named Bosco. He keeps me company while I write by snoring at my feet. I also have two red-eared slider turtles named Speedy and Dino.

14. Do you know your neighbors? Yes. Not only do I know my neighbors, we’re great friends!

15. Pepsi or Coke? Coke. I even have a circa 1950s Coca-Cola vending machine that I fill for parties, and a Coca-Cola bullet sign that hangs on the wall in my house.

16. Favorite time of year? At the risk of sounding like a kid answering that his favorite subject at school is recess, I’m admitting here that my favorite time of year is vacation-time.

17. Favorite color? I love red. It makes me feel warm and cozy.

18. Favorite book? When I try to rank them, so many titles are tied for my favorite. But this month, I have to choose the one I wrote, Double Out and Back. I am so proud of it for making its big debut.

19. Does your car look better than your house? No way! My car could be the after model for Mom-My-Ride. (It’s a spoof of Pimp-My-Ride, where they take a nice car and trash it.)

20. What’s on your mousepad? I don’t have a mousepad because I have an aversion to rodents. …Just kidding! I don’t have one because I use the touchpad on my notebook.

21. How many times do you let the phone ring before you answer it? Two-and-a half—approximately.

22. Chocolate or vanilla? Never thought this would be a tough question. Honestly, I usually order a twist at the soft-serve window.

23. Do you like to drive too fast? No. I usually stay within the speed limit – boring, I know.

24. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Once in a while, my husband is a stuffed animal if he has overeaten and then been in the mood. Oh…did you mean a toy or a teddy bear? That’s different. No, I haven’t slept with Pinky the stuffed pink elephant since I was in elementary school.

25. What’s your favorite alcoholic drink? Grey Goose Martini straight up with olives. I have no preference as to whether it is shaken or stirred. Bartender’s prerogative.

26. What is your zodiac sign? Cancer is my sign. You might be interested to discover I have been known to read yesterday’s horoscope to see if it happened.

27. Is the glass half empty or half full? Definitely at least half full, maybe more. I am an eternal optimist.


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  1. Lisa – Great interview! Very interesting questions. Because your responses were so creative, I was definitely interested to see how you handled your first book. I’m like you with cars! My book Run at Destruction, released in August, takes place durning the running boom of the 80’s and I’m a major character in the story. Back then, I drove an Oldsmobile Diesel! Wonder how many of those were made!

    Continued success with your book!
    Lynda Drews

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