At Home with Mystery Author F.M. Meredith


Author’s Name: F.M.  Meredith
Book Title: No Sanctuary
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Oak Tree Books
Page Count: 180 pages
ISBN: 189234355X

Author’s Bio:

Marilyn Meredith is the author of award winning Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series as well as over twenty published novels, both e-books and trade paperbacks. The latest is Kindred Spirits from Mundania Press. Under the name of F. M. Meredith she writes the Rocky Bluff P.D. crime series, the latest, No Sanctuary.

She is a member of EPIC, Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and on the board of the Public Safety Writers of America. She was an instructor for Writer’s Digest School for ten years, served as an instructor at the Maui Writer’s Retreat and many other writer’s conferences. For over twenty years she made her home in a beach community much like Rocky Bluff but now resides in Springville CA , much like Bear Creek where Deputy Tempe Crabtree lives.  Visit  her at and her blogs

1. Where do you live (city, country)? Springville , CA , southern Sierra foothills
2. What is the weather like? We do have seasons and it is very hot in the summer.
3. Have you lived there very long? Over twenty years.
4. Would you rather live somewhere else? I loved living at the beach, but I like it here too.
5. Are you married or single? Married to the cute sailor I met on a blind date 57 years ago.
6. Do you have kids? We had five, though we lost a son to cancer.
7. Where were you born? Glendale , CA
8. What was your childhood like? I had a wonderful childhood even though I grew up during W.W. II. We had wonderful freedom all day as long as we were home for dinner by 5 p.m. My life revolved around movies and movie stars, putting on plays with the neighborhood kids.
9. What was it like growing up as a teen? What did you do for fun? My teen years were also great. During the summer, my neighborhood girlfriends and I met at each others houses for games and refreshments that we prepared. We also did a lot of hiking, back then L.A. actually still had hills without houses. I also put out a magazine that I wrote and illustrated. High school was great, belonged to a couple of clubs and had lots of great friends.
10. Back to the present, what’s your favorite room in your house? My office—of course, that’s where I spend most of my time.
11. Do you have an outside job? Not anymore.
12. What is your favorite thing to do on your day off? Because I count my writing as my job, my husband and I usually go to the movies together one day a week and sometimes eat out. I seldom do much work on Sunday.
13. What’s your most favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Usually must have a bowl of cereal.
14. Do you have any pets? One dog, three inside cats, Butch, Sundance and Squeaky. Hubby feeds cats that people drop off, so there are a lot of them outside.
15. Do you know your neighbors? Really only my son and his wife and daughter who live in a little house on our property. Friendly with the others but don’t really visit.
16. Pepsi or Coke? Neither anymore, but I love McDonald’s vanilla flavored iced coffee.
17. Favorite time of year? Summer—though I really like winter clothes best.
18. Favorite color? Blue—any derivative.
19. Favorite book? I read anything and have enjoyed many books—but my favorite has to be the Bible.
20. Does your car look better than your house? Yes, because it’s way newer.
21. What’s on your mousepad? Dell advertisement.
22. How many times do you let the phone ring before you answer it? Depends upon what I’m doing.
23. What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? Thanking God that I have another day.
24. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate except for vanilla favored coffee.
25. Do you like to drive too fast? Not since I got a $350 ticket for speeding on a completely deserted mountain road—just me and the highway patrol.
26. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Only if you count my hubby.
27. If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be? Jesus Christ.
28. What’s your favorite alcoholic drink? I like a nice glass of Zinfindel or Reisling every now and then.
29. What is your zodiac sign? Virgo
30. If you could have any job that you wanted, what would it be? Exactly what I’m doing now, but it would be nice to be more successful.
31. What’s under your bed? Dust.
32. Is the glass half empty or half full? Half full—I feel blessed most of the time.

Thank you for playing The Home Sweet Home Writing Challenge for Authors!

You can purchase a copy of F.M. Meredith’s new book, No Sanctuary, by clicking here!


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